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Welcome to Balmoral Greens

Balmoral Greens HOA has a Clifton, Virginia address. We are in the southwestern corner of Fairfax County, about 25 miles due west of Washington, D.C.. The town of Clifton is less than two miles to the southeast, while Centreville is about five miles north/northwest. The historic Bull Run River and surrounding parkland woods provide much of our western edge. Before the village of Clifton was established in 1869, our neighborhood was once part of the pre-Civil War area known as Union Mills.

Major roadways are near our relatively secluded neighborhood. Compton Road, Braddock Road, Lee Highway (Rt. 29), and I-66 are just to our north. Clifton Road is to the east, as is the Fairfax County Parkway (Rt. 286). Centreville Road (Rt. 28) is just to the west across the Bull Run River.

Many thanks,
Balmoral Communications Committee

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